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      J'aime La Mode is a Singapore-based online shop that specializes in creating unique bag charms and accessories. The business was founded in 2014 by Cheryl, who was inspired by the idea of adding a personal touch to her bags with the use of a charm. Her passion for bag charm making soon turned into a hobby and eventually into a business.

      The business prides itself on its tagline "All things small and beautiful," which represents their commitment to creating small but eye-catching accessories. J'aime La Mode offers a wide range of bag charms that are meticulously designed and assembled by Cheryl herself. Each charm is unique and adds a touch of individuality to any bag.

      J'aime La Mode is a great option for anyone who wants to add some personality to their bags or accessories. The business caters to a wide range of interests and styles, with something to suit everyone. Whether you're looking for a cute animal charm or a more sophisticated accessory, J'aime La Mode has got you covered.